A Post Written 4 Years Ago.

I’m not used to blogs. I am so used to having a diary and write in it. I love diaries. Writing with a pen is just fun, you can get angry and take it out on the page… So typing isn’t really going to give me as much satisfaction.

But! I’m wanting to tick off “starting a blog” on my list of things to do when growing up! Which by the way I never did want to grow up. I wanted to stay 16 and go to Never Never land with Peter Pan and the lost boys.

It’s amazing to think I am now married and into my 5th year of it. In high school and even when I got out, it just seemed miles away! Not only miles away, but hard to even believe it could happen. Every guy I had a crush on wasn’t really that interested in me,  they’d rather a girl who was more… well, on more shakey moral ground. So probably good they didn’t like me back, who knows where I would’ve been today if I dated any of those guys.

But I am married! Loving my life. Loving my Husband – Ashley. He is just so amazing. I think I will post a separate post on how amazing I think he is.

We had the most B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L wedding!! Seriously the most princess wedding I could’ve ever dreamt of happened! Thanks to mainly my mum and Ash who believed in my wild dreams and wanted very much to help me pull it off. Again there will be a separate post of wedding talk around this…

Ash and I have two puppies. Full grown and yet still small enough to look like puppies. Metro and Schweppes. Metro is the boy, aggressive, small syndrome pup. Schweppes is the clean, petite, won’t get pushed around girl pup. It’s hard not to love them.

and Finally, Ash and I’s biggest step towards growing up is the little baby that is growing in my tummy as I type. This little precious alien is growing inside of me and hits me every now and then to remind me that it’s still around.

Little bubba is due in 18 weeks. November the 15th. In the middle of Ash’s exam block. This will be our grown up stage. The time we stop thinking just about ourselves and let a little tiny person change our lives forever.

Lots of pressure. Looking very much towards it.

Here a go our stories…

Sal x


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