Seeing Triple

I have just two kids, but at times I feel as though I have 3!

This morning, I fed Theodore (11 months old) his breakfast. I then fed Penelope (2.5 years old) her breakfasts. By the time I finished with her (this took maybe 10 minutes), Theodore is pulling at me for more food!!

I fed 3 children.

Now to dressing. I take Theodore first (my mistake right there) I wrestle, struggle, battle and fight my way through this process. Then to the daughter – ah what a breeze.

I grab my bag and yell Let’s Go (yeah right – as if saying that works!). I look in the direction of the kitchen and what do I see?


A sticky puddle surrounds him, with his sister’s half eaten yoghurt all over his face, hands, hair arms, jacket, and pants.

I dressed 3 children.


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