Being Early vs Late

The plan? Leave at 7pm kids fed, bathed, dressed ready for bed. I’d drive to Indooropilly shopping center (45min drive) pick up our wedding rings (getting erodium re-platted) and the kids would fall asleep in the car on the way home! Perfect. g

I did one better! or so I thought. I left at 6.40pm, with 20 minutes ahead of schedule. I could drop into spotlight if the kids were happy enough – ok, run back up to grab the spotlight vouchers. Ok, awesome off we go!

10 mins into the trip. My Phone! Driving late at night with two kids without a phone…should I risk it? Oh wait…my license and cards for payment are all in the phone wallet. Gah!

10 mins back.

Leave at 7.01pm.

The kicker – I piled the kids in the car first thinking to leave my phone til last because it had only 18% battery. If I had left at 7pm my phone would’ve been 50% charged and I would’ve grabbed on the way out.

so, think I’ll stick to my more tardy side.


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