Little Wonders

Some nights I find it so hard to do what some people seem to do in a heartbeat. Dinner! Food already isn’t a strong point, let alone when a toddler who is craving my attention by wanting to help over the hot stove, and a baby literally screaming impatiently at the top of his lungs.

How do other mums cope? I imagine myself putting them in a safe place and leaving! I’m done! Ha. Dad will be home shortly he can deal with yas.

As you can tell my tolerance at this stage is nonexistent. So how did I cope? I turned the music up and just keep on cooking. They are safe. I find if I’m happy they too seem to brighten up.

The music playing is from a radio channel on my phone, which allows me to choose the type of radio I want to listen to and it gathers all the genre-specific music I desire (Disney of course!)

After a few classic Disney songs playing it started playing songs from artists featured in movies – eg. Rob Thomas “Little Wonders”

I have no idea which Disney movie it’s from but I’ve heard plenty of times on normal radio channels, no idea what the song is about, but the words somehow spoke to me… here’s the chorus:

our lives are made
in these small hours
these little wonders,
these twists & turns of fate
time falls away,
but these small hours,
these small hours still remain
I had to smile. These little wonders, twists of fate will soon grow up! Really when you think about it, these ‘hard times’ having two kids within 2 years of each other is going to be much easier in just a couple of years time. Then I’ll only have the distant memories of them as the little critters they are. People say it all the time – to enjoy this season. Personally I want to smack these people over the head. I knooooow I should enjoy it, but it’s a HARD season Ok! Full of lack of sleep, lonely days, demanding children, stubborn sleepless children, a shift working husband…shall I go on?

So for some reason this song changed my attitude amongst the screaming and whinging (for tonight at least). They are little wonders and I love them and I will try to enjoy them even in the most annoying times to just forget these hard moments. Thanks Robbie T.


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