Not Just a Mum

I am a Mum…

oh and; A Wife

A Radio Announcer

A Event and Promotions Coordinator

A University Graduate

A Perfectionist

A Pinterest Addict

An Extrovert

A Sister

A Daughter

A Friend…

As soon as you become a mother everything else about you seems to be forgotten. We had a cleaner come to our new house once we moved in and he said to both my husband (Ash) and I “So what do you do?” then gestured at me “Oh, I know what you do… Ash?”. That bothered me too much not to say anything… so I said “Well, actually that’s not ALL I do…” He backtracked and handled the awkward moment with ease. I wondered later if I should’ve opened my big mouth and made the awkward moment – but then realised HE made it awkward by assuming that is all I am. A Mother.

Which is not bad, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not all I want to be defined as; it’s not what we as mothers are!


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