Husband to the Rescue

I know I’m not the only parent who, when it comes to 5pm just does not feel like doing the night time routine… well at least I hope I’m not the only one!

Tonight Ash is working a late, I am quite tired from the late (but great) night before. I’ve just finished feeding the baby and have to work up the energy to find something for the kids to turn their nose up to and throw on the floor eat. I go to kitchen day dreaming of the possibility that someone could drop dinner off for me but knowing the closest person to do that is my mum. Who by the way, is literally being nursed by my sister from an accidental fall the day before involving her and the one and only Theodore!  (We went walking together yesterday and they tripped over each other, she broke Theodore’s fall and came out the worst with both hands quite swollen and a brilliant black eye.)

So, “Suck it up Sal, do dinner and just get on with it!” (pep talk a bit feisty tonight.) Next I know, I’ve missed a few calls from Ash and a follow up text saying “Pizza ordered :)” Awww he literally ordered Pizzas to be delivered to our home while he is at work. Gush. What a husband I Pizza for Dinnerhave.

I did question ‘How did he know?’… but I know the answer to that… It’s not the first time I’ve come to 5pm and not have thought about dinner and Ash knows it all too well.

Thanks babe. xx


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