Top 5 Tips To Start Your Day At Home.

I find it difficult to get anything achieved when at home with kids and lack the energy and motivation. A tough night with kids keeping you awake for hours can make it difficult to get up bright and bubbly. Do you also struggle to feel accomplished and successful at the end of the day?

The days blur together for me and I struggle being at home with 3 little kids all day every day. My main issue – getting to the end of the day and feeling like I haven’t succeeded or accomplished anything, Yes Yes I hear the choir of voices saying “But you have wonderful kids, that’s an accomplishment in itself”, “You fed them and kept them alive for the day”, “They are healthy, you are doing great”… All very true, but at the end of the day I like to see a tangible achievement. e.g. Washing, dishes or even just dinner prepared and on the table at a reasonable hour.

If you feel the same then I may be able to help. These tips have helped me! Not every day I do them, and those days I find are not quite so productive.

1. Do Not Look At Your Phone.

Oh boy the amount of times I have stayed in bed a little too long checking Facebook and reading all the news articles of the day. By the time I’m ready forced to get out of bed by awake and hungry kids, I am already exhausted and overwhelmed by the information overload. Check the essentials and then Put That Phone DOWN.

2. Make Your Bed!

bed madeTa Da! You have accomplished at least one thing already. Plus, doesn’t your room look so tidy?

3. Get out of your PJ’s and into your Sneakers.

At drama school they would get you into costume to help role play your charactSneakerser. When you go to work, it’s easier to work when you are dressed the part. Same thing when you are at home, stay in your Pj’s and you are likely to lounge around and do minimal tasks (which is super Ok some days!) But for a day of success – dress for the role! Put those comfy shoes on and get into the day.

Note:- Be aware, once those shoes are kicked off it normally means you won’t start again. I have to work hard on keeping them on while breastfeeding, otherwise once bub is down I sit there and don’t get up. Only kick them off if you are happy with the tasks you have completed.

4. Turn Up the

It’s amazing how much music can influence your mood. Use that to your advantage. Get that radio on or play your favourite playlist and you’ll notice how your motivation ramps up.

5. Have Clear and Realistic Goals.

Having small kids makes days hard to predict. They can sleep 3hrs one day, 20mins the next. So have one or two main goals for the day that you can realistically achieve.

There you have it. Simple and relatively easy tips to help you get through your day.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any more tips to add that have helped you get motivated in the morning.


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