Attempting a Productive day

It’s funny how determined you feel when you wake up. “I can achieve anything!” and so you try.

For me that day was today. On the eve of a massive weekend of a bridal shower and hens, I, the hosting matron of honour, have a big to-do list. Kids or no kids I have to get cracking.

First stop the flower markets.

I’ve got this. 2yr old in pram, 7th month old in the carrier and 3yr old is walking  – which I’m only noticing now she’s dressed herself today and her hair looks like she’s slept on it for a week! I’ve. Got. This.

If you’ve never been to the flower markets let me paint you a picture. All the flowers are stored in a massive walk-in fridge. It’s freezing and you really want to have a plan so you can get in and get out!

What I hadn’t thought of was… it’s spring! So the fridge was packed with flowers and of course people. The pram did not fit. I was going to have to let the 2yr old (Theodore) loose. Oh wait a sec. He doesn’t have shoes! Remembering it’s a fridge I have to put him next to Norah on my hip.

Long story short,  the 3yr old needs to wee, I take a while choosing the wrong flowers, pay, get over charged, change my mind, go swap them, cling on to my falling son with one of his legs, get money back and leave! Phew! That was stressful, But now I’m on the home stretch.

Wait up. Baby starts to crack it – she’s due for a feed. That reminds me – 3yr old needs to wee. I tell myself not to mention it and I’ll make it to the closest Maccas. Which we do. I have this grand plan where they can play in the playground while I feed Norah and then once she’s asleep we can all calmly walk hand in hand to the car. I’ll put sleeping baby in and finish the drive home.

I should know better huh?. I’ve had almost 4 years of kids making the rules and me not being able to control situations, so I shouldn’t be surprised. But yet again I find myself flustered, angry, stressed and impatient at my toddlers who are hysterically crying because we’ve got to go, and who all of a sudden can’t put their shoes on (the same shoes I was not allowed to help them with this morning!)

So here’s what it looked out from outside my bubble.

A frustrated mum with a baby attached to the boob, walking 2 toddlers out of the playground, both hysterical about leaving and trying to cross the busy Oxley car park to get to the car.

One kid has one shoe on and one shoe off…

I desperately wanted someone to stop gawking at me and offer to help, or all of the cars to stop so I could casually cross the road without fearing for the kids lives. Alas no one came, and no one stopped, because the world really doesn’t revolve around me! Ha! We survived and I got all the (awake!) children into the car. Drove not even 3mins down the road and there was silence… all quiet, calm and ready for naps.

I reflect and wonder why was I so stressed for just that tiny 5min window. How funny that emotions are so high that your hubby gets a text from his wife saying “Kill me now” and yet 5mins later all is calm and peaceful.

At least I got the flowers!


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