10982308_10152611304646607_8152648128751237453_n Hi I’m Sal, thanks for stopping by!

There’s a reason why fairy tales and Disney movies finish with the princess and prince marrying and ‘Living Happily Ever After”… because once kids come in the picture it’s definitely a different ‘ever after’. Don’t get me wrong, there are happy times! there are also challenges, negotiations, sleepless nights and things princesses wouldn’t DREAM of doing in their ‘happily every afters’… like cleaning your child’s self induced vomit by their own poo-nami!!

I literally had a fairytale wedding, with the horse and carriage and my very own prince charming. If my story finished there we would be in the fairy tale books! It doesn’t, and 00752unlucky lucky for us! With 3 gorgeous kids we now have a very realistic view of what comes in the 2nd chapter of fairy tales.

SallyPenny details the 2nd chapter of those much loved fairytale stories.


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