Top 5 Tips To Start Your Day At Home.

I find it difficult to get anything achieved when at home with kids and lack the energy and motivation. A tough night with kids keeping you awake for hours can make it difficult to get up bright and bubbly. Do you also struggle to feel accomplished and successful at the end of the day?

The days blur together for me and I struggle being at home with 3 little kids all day every day. My main issue – getting to the end of the day and feeling like I haven’t succeeded or accomplished anything, Yes Yes I hear the choir of voices saying “But you have wonderful kids, that’s an accomplishment in itself”, “You fed them and kept them alive for the day”, “They are healthy, you are doing great”… All very true, but at the end of the day I like to see a tangible achievement. e.g. Washing, dishes or even just dinner prepared and on the table at a reasonable hour.

If you feel the same then I may be able to help. These tips have helped me! Not every day I do them, and those days I find are not quite so productive.

1. Do Not Look At Your Phone.

Oh boy the amount of times I have stayed in bed a little too long checking Facebook and reading all the news articles of the day. By the time I’m ready forced to get out of bed by awake and hungry kids, I am already exhausted and overwhelmed by the information overload. Check the essentials and then Put That Phone DOWN.

2. Make Your Bed!

bed madeTa Da! You have accomplished at least one thing already. Plus, doesn’t your room look so tidy?

3. Get out of your PJ’s and into your Sneakers.

At drama school they would get you into costume to help role play your charactSneakerser. When you go to work, it’s easier to work when you are dressed the part. Same thing when you are at home, stay in your Pj’s and you are likely to lounge around and do minimal tasks (which is super Ok some days!) But for a day of success – dress for the role! Put those comfy shoes on and get into the day.

Note:- Be aware, once those shoes are kicked off it normally means you won’t start again. I have to work hard on keeping them on while breastfeeding, otherwise once bub is down I sit there and don’t get up. Only kick them off if you are happy with the tasks you have completed.

4. Turn Up the

It’s amazing how much music can influence your mood. Use that to your advantage. Get that radio on or play your favourite playlist and you’ll notice how your motivation ramps up.

5. Have Clear and Realistic Goals.

Having small kids makes days hard to predict. They can sleep 3hrs one day, 20mins the next. So have one or two main goals for the day that you can realistically achieve.

There you have it. Simple and relatively easy tips to help you get through your day.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any more tips to add that have helped you get motivated in the morning.


Husband to the Rescue

I know I’m not the only parent who, when it comes to 5pm just does not feel like doing the night time routine… well at least I hope I’m not the only one!

Tonight Ash is working a late, I am quite tired from the late (but great) night before. I’ve just finished feeding the baby and have to work up the energy to find something for the kids to turn their nose up to and throw on the floor eat. I go to kitchen day dreaming of the possibility that someone could drop dinner off for me but knowing the closest person to do that is my mum. Who by the way, is literally being nursed by my sister from an accidental fall the day before involving her and the one and only Theodore!  (We went walking together yesterday and they tripped over each other, she broke Theodore’s fall and came out the worst with both hands quite swollen and a brilliant black eye.)

So, “Suck it up Sal, do dinner and just get on with it!” (pep talk a bit feisty tonight.) Next I know, I’ve missed a few calls from Ash and a follow up text saying “Pizza ordered :)” Awww he literally ordered Pizzas to be delivered to our home while he is at work. Gush. What a husband I Pizza for Dinnerhave.

I did question ‘How did he know?’… but I know the answer to that… It’s not the first time I’ve come to 5pm and not have thought about dinner and Ash knows it all too well.

Thanks babe. xx

Theodore’s Theatrics

Theodores Theatrics

This boy certainly keeps me on my toes! From climbing up on the table (every hour at least!) to hopping straight back into the bath 10 seconds after I’ve dressed him. We have visited the emergency room twice in one month and 6 stitches later… Read more…

Little Wonders

Some nights I find it so hard to do what some people seem to do in a heartbeat. Dinner! Food already isn’t a strong point, let alone when a toddler who is craving my attention by wanting to help over the hot stove, and a baby literally screaming impatiently at the top of his lungs.

How do other mums cope? I imagine myself putting them in a safe place and leaving! I’m done! Ha. Dad will be home shortly he can deal with yas.

As you can tell my tolerance at this stage is nonexistent. So how did I cope? I turned the music up and just keep on cooking. They are safe. I find if I’m happy they too seem to brighten up.

The music playing is from a radio channel on my phone, which allows me to choose the type of radio I want to listen to and it gathers all the genre-specific music I desire (Disney of course!)

After a few classic Disney songs playing it started playing songs from artists featured in movies – eg. Rob Thomas “Little Wonders”

I have no idea which Disney movie it’s from but I’ve heard plenty of times on normal radio channels, no idea what the song is about, but the words somehow spoke to me… here’s the chorus:

our lives are made
in these small hours
these little wonders,
these twists & turns of fate
time falls away,
but these small hours,
these small hours still remain
I had to smile. These little wonders, twists of fate will soon grow up! Really when you think about it, these ‘hard times’ having two kids within 2 years of each other is going to be much easier in just a couple of years time. Then I’ll only have the distant memories of them as the little critters they are. People say it all the time – to enjoy this season. Personally I want to smack these people over the head. I knooooow I should enjoy it, but it’s a HARD season Ok! Full of lack of sleep, lonely days, demanding children, stubborn sleepless children, a shift working husband…shall I go on?

So for some reason this song changed my attitude amongst the screaming and whinging (for tonight at least). They are little wonders and I love them and I will try to enjoy them even in the most annoying times to just forget these hard moments. Thanks Robbie T.

Attempting a Productive day

It’s funny how determined you feel when you wake up. “I can achieve anything!” and so you try.

For me that day was today. On the eve of a massive weekend of a bridal shower and hens, I, the hosting matron of honour, have a big to-do list. Kids or no kids I have to get cracking.

First stop the flower markets.

I’ve got this. 2yr old in pram, 7th month old in the carrier and 3yr old is walking  – which I’m only noticing now she’s dressed herself today and her hair looks like she’s slept on it for a week! I’ve. Got. This.

If you’ve never been to the flower markets let me paint you a picture. All the flowers are stored in a massive walk-in fridge. It’s freezing and you really want to have a plan so you can get in and get out!

What I hadn’t thought of was… it’s spring! So the fridge was packed with flowers and of course people. The pram did not fit. I was going to have to let the 2yr old (Theodore) loose. Oh wait a sec. He doesn’t have shoes! Remembering it’s a fridge I have to put him next to Norah on my hip.

Long story short,  the 3yr old needs to wee, I take a while choosing the wrong flowers, pay, get over charged, change my mind, go swap them, cling on to my falling son with one of his legs, get money back and leave! Phew! That was stressful, But now I’m on the home stretch.

Wait up. Baby starts to crack it – she’s due for a feed. That reminds me – 3yr old needs to wee. I tell myself not to mention it and I’ll make it to the closest Maccas. Which we do. I have this grand plan where they can play in the playground while I feed Norah and then once she’s asleep we can all calmly walk hand in hand to the car. I’ll put sleeping baby in and finish the drive home.

I should know better huh?. I’ve had almost 4 years of kids making the rules and me not being able to control situations, so I shouldn’t be surprised. But yet again I find myself flustered, angry, stressed and impatient at my toddlers who are hysterically crying because we’ve got to go, and who all of a sudden can’t put their shoes on (the same shoes I was not allowed to help them with this morning!)

So here’s what it looked out from outside my bubble.

A frustrated mum with a baby attached to the boob, walking 2 toddlers out of the playground, both hysterical about leaving and trying to cross the busy Oxley car park to get to the car.

One kid has one shoe on and one shoe off…

I desperately wanted someone to stop gawking at me and offer to help, or all of the cars to stop so I could casually cross the road without fearing for the kids lives. Alas no one came, and no one stopped, because the world really doesn’t revolve around me! Ha! We survived and I got all the (awake!) children into the car. Drove not even 3mins down the road and there was silence… all quiet, calm and ready for naps.

I reflect and wonder why was I so stressed for just that tiny 5min window. How funny that emotions are so high that your hubby gets a text from his wife saying “Kill me now” and yet 5mins later all is calm and peaceful.

At least I got the flowers!

Not Just a Mum

I am a Mum…

oh and; A Wife

A Radio Announcer

A Event and Promotions Coordinator

A University Graduate

A Perfectionist

A Pinterest Addict

An Extrovert

A Sister

A Daughter

A Friend…

As soon as you become a mother everything else about you seems to be forgotten. We had a cleaner come to our new house once we moved in and he said to both my husband (Ash) and I “So what do you do?” then gestured at me “Oh, I know what you do… Ash?”. That bothered me too much not to say anything… so I said “Well, actually that’s not ALL I do…” He backtracked and handled the awkward moment with ease. I wondered later if I should’ve opened my big mouth and made the awkward moment – but then realised HE made it awkward by assuming that is all I am. A Mother.

Which is not bad, don’t get me wrong. It’s just not all I want to be defined as; it’s not what we as mothers are!