Theodore’s Theatrics

This boy certainly keeps me on my toes! From climbing up on the table (every hour at least!) to hopping straight back into the bath 10 seconds after I’ve dressed him. We have visited the emergency room twice in one month and 6 stitches later.

His sister has dobbed on him for being up the top of a 3m ladder.

I have heard him in the kitchen while I was feeding the baby – gotten up just to check and found him on a chair with a bread knife in the *plugged in* toaster!! Shudder. That was too close for comfort.

I’ve lost him at church after the Sunday service and eventually found him on the church road, luckily another mum (also by the name of Sal) holding his hand to avoid getting run over!

He again on a chair in the kitchen trying to fit a kitchen knife into a coffee mug.

And the most recent one (tonight in fact) he has worked out how to climb out of his cot and walk out of his room – to the fridge…

We love him. He is such a character and our lives are full because of him… so very full. I can’t wait to see what this boy is going to achieve when he grows up – just got to get him there… “Keep him alive til he is five” I believe the saying goes.


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