Project Gallery

Here I’d like to share some of my life, projects, travels and anything I think you’d find interesting.


Theodoreable’s Room

10th August 2013 I knew I was having a boy and I knew I didn’t want a classic “boy” themed room (cars, boats etc.). At the time we were selling our house so I knew I couldn’t do anything to drastic to the walls (luckily they were already painted grey). I printed out a heap … Continue reading Theodoreable’s Room

Baby Announcements

Oh how quickly the world evolves. Our first baby announcement was text on Facebook with only(!!) 45 likes not an impressive excitement from friends for our first baby announcement… our 3rd announcement got over 200. Shows how powerful a picture can be. Literally 17 months later our second announcement was inspired by the growing site … Continue reading Baby Announcements

Princess Penelope’s Palace

26th November 2011 One thing that helped get excited (and forget about the morning sickness) for the arrival of our first child was doing up a Nursery. Pinterest was just coming into play but not the overwhelming tool it has become, so researching rooms was challenging with google images being your best source (shudder). I … Continue reading Princess Penelope’s Palace