Norah Ashley’s Woodland Forest

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This was a fun room to do. I must admit the most expensive room out of the 3 nurseries, it is much harder to research and source the cheapest option with 2 kids in tow.

I have so many favourites in this room. My husband spent a lot of time helping me with each project so that’s a little special.

The walls make this room, something about wallpaper just adds that “wow factor”. I was able to find a cheaper version of ‘The Woods’ wallpaper on eBay and bought 2 rolls for more than triple the cost for one roll! The wooden wall is the easiest little hack. It is vinyl planks from Bunnings that is only a few mm thick and has self adhesive on the back. Cut, peel and stick.

The Lights were lamp shades picked up from the curb side, stripped of all fabric, painted and coated with faux moss and plants. I wrapped the cord with jute string to add that extra detail and it certainly added to the look.

That bunny mobile is to die for, and quite seriously my fingers did die a little with all that felt needling. Watching the cricket and stabbing a ball of wool over and over again ended in some accidental stabbing of the fingers! I hope to make these available to purchase if anyone is interested.

I few other favourites to mention is the wooden handles on the dresser, cupboard knobs and the little tiny wooden knob on the fan were all hand-made by hubby. The rope change mat, perfect fit for the room and is just so unique, and that wooden letter ‘N’ another project hubby did and it just is perfect.

This room is peaceful and such a little sanctuary for me to feed and bond with my 3rd little bub.

Any further information about the room please ask I’d be happy to help you find what you need for your room.

Note: This photo series is without the cot! Can not wait to show you that. It’s to die for!!




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