Princess Penelope’s Palace

26th November 2011

One thing that helped get excited (and forget about the morning sickness) for the arrival of our first child was doing up a Nursery. Pinterest was just coming into play but not the overwhelming tool it has become, so researching rooms was challenging with google images being your best source (shudder).

I wanted to create a Princess room for my little girl Penelope Kate. So when I found Little Crown interiors and saw how elaborate their rooms were I was given the challenge to do as much as I could within the budget to replicate it, with of course a few touches of my own. These rooms had a budget close to if not more of $US15,000. I had less than $1500 including all furniture.

The hardest part of this journey? My big fat growing tummy! Boy did it get in the road. Luckily for me my sister was needing company so she was over quite frequently and thus became my surrogate body.

We kept her gender a secret and had the room under lock and key to stop anyone from snooping. Only my sister and our parents knew as we needed their help on some projects. P1050008 - Copy
Everything in the room other than the chest of draws and rug, I made and altered myself. The complete amount spent was just under $1300!

I made the frame with the monogram ‘P’ from scratch, with a crappy picture frame for a second hand store, spray painted white, turned the cardboard picture around and painted the back of it and glued some lace to add texture. We carved the P ourselves and match the paint with the ribbon I was using for the bassinet.

The bassinet was my husband’s (Ash) bed when he was a baby so it was a nice feature for the room, the cane did not suit the room so my mum made the bassinet cover to completely hide it. It looks brand new and again used the ribbon to match it with the room.

The rocking chair I’m very proud of. It was $35 from a second hand store. My mum and P1050022I pulled it apart and chose some navy blue material to re-upholster. Mum did an amazing job sewing it altogether. All up cost us $90!

The Bird Pillow was inspired by a Etsy shop Bellamina. The thing I love is in the feathers I added material from my formal dress, my 21st princess dress and from my wedding the bridesmaids dress. Luckily they were all similar shades of pink! Such a nice gift for her to treasure when she’s older.


The silver frame around the mirror is one of my favorites. It was a cheap white one and it took me a week or about 24 hours added up of work to silver leaf the entire frame. Very fiddly and I’m a perfectionist but it was well worth it, it looks so expensive.
P1040981My favourite feature is – The grandfather clock. It was cheap but tricky. I found the clock face eBay. My husband designed the clock, printed it on paper and then we stenciled it and rolled it using a mini roller. This project I needed my sister for!

The most practical feature – My lamp. I wanted a dimmer but wasn’t prepared to pay over $50. Not possible. BUT, Ikea sells dimmer attachments. They are better than any light that you have to reach up and dim. The remote sits on my arm chair and I can control the brightness whilst feeding and not have to move.

The full budget breakdown is below:-

Wallpaper – $150 (eBay, but these days any hardware store has it.)

DIY White Frame – $18. Frame $10, spray paint $5, the lace glue on background for texture $3.
Navy Blue P – $5 for paint.
Bassinet Cover – $20
Silver Frame – $70.
Rocking Chair – $90

Painted Grandfather Clock – $30.
Chandelier – $89 Ikea.
Bird Pillow – $10. DIY. But buy new from Esty –Bellamina

Chest of draws – $500 Hemnes draws, Ikea
White Rug – $170 Carpet Call
Candle Sticks – $25, Ikea
Curtains – DIY $25, Ikea fabric section. Blue ribbon off eBay.

Lamp – $25,

Dimmer for lamp – $10, Ikea.

Ottoman – $19, Fantastic Furniture.


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