Theodoreable’s Room

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10th August 2013

I knew I was having a boy and I knew I didn’t want a classic “boy” themed room (cars, boats etc.). At the time we were selling our house so I knew I couldn’t do anything to drastic to the walls (luckily they were already painted grey). I printed out a heap of pictures I loved and pinned them on a ‘real life’ cork board and from there I trashed any ideas I got sick of, swapped and added things along the way.

Design Inspiration

inspiration theodore's room

Inspiration room

“Up Up and Away” I started off with a very popular themed room (found on Project Nursery) I even started with bright blue chevron material for curtains to copy it. When my rug arrived from overseas it was a different blue and clashed with the curtain fabric, so having a open mind I changed direction. As I came to terms with the light blue, I found some fabric that had my creative juices flowing and a fabric hot air balloon light became the main attraction. So glad it did! I am not one to sew, I have no experience but following blogs and tutorials made it very simple that even I could do it!

Decorating Style

Modern, story telling or themed. I love having a theme to decorate around, something that tells a story. Definitely a DIY’s girl too. Why buy when you can create.

Project Details

Rocking Chair – I had to improvise. Australia lacks variety of a fabric modern rocking chair. I found a secondhand rocking chair from a lounge set, choose fabric and upholstered myself.

Hot Air Balloons – I sewed these together using a tutorial from Fabric Paper Glue blog. I modified it a little for the smaller balloons (and also found small lanterns to cover.)

IMG_3096Clock – was DIY using cut out cardboard hexagons, fabric and an old clock mechanisms. Easy! Owen’s Olivia Blog will show you how.

The ‘Mr’ Pillow – from Freedom

The Rug – nuLoom Hand-hooked Alexa Moroccan Trellis Wool rug. In the colour blue (more of a light teal) from

Draws – Ikea HemnesIMG_3751

Pinwheels – I used a fabric hardener to iron the two different fabrics together and a pinwheel template to cut them out from Hushed Hours blog.

Change Mat – Made with help from The Cozy pumpkin blog. The minky grey fabric between the chevron fabric I thought was a nice touch for the bubs soft skin to be on.

Small DSR chair – Target

Curtains – DIY using medium chevron grey –

Monogram ‘T’ – would you believe it’s Styrofoam! (polystyrene foam). Wood was going to be way to hard to hang that thick – not to mention I couldn’t find anywhere who would cut that thick. Styrofoam was the next best and cheapest way to go. I called a local Styrofoam business and they charged me $50 and gave me 4 different widths in the font I had in mind. (unsure if that was a bargain, but I got my really thick white ‘T’ and some back ups if ever damaged!)

Bassinet – An heirloom. My husbands first bed. I made the skirt, box pleated and it tied to the crib. I made it in mind to fit around the cot as a skirt when we upgrade beds.

Favorite Items

Hard choice. A toss up between the hot air balloon light, the clock and the ‘Mr’ pillow.


Keep an open mind. Have a cork board with all your ideas, I even printed out photos taken when out discovering fabrics, items and furniture I’d pin them on my board (realIMG_3005 life pin board) and have it set up to look at everyday. After a while, the first things I thought I absolutely loved became too bright and colourful and I started in a direction of just one or two ideas I had from the initial. Following and goggling a lot of DIY bloggers too helped me create all the bits and pieces in my own customized way.


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